Do British people say swear words?

British people often say swear words to each other in informal contexts and they don’t usually get offended if they hear them from a friend. Nevertheless, there are some strong bad words which you should avoid saying but it might be useful to recognise them. The terms below are very strong so don’t use them unless it’s really, really necessary 😉

A list of 6 bad swear words.


Someone who says or does stupid things or doesn’t respect other people.


Someone who does bad things to other people on purpose.


An offensive term to call a person stupid.

Fuck off

Leave me alone.


This is the worst swear word of all. If you call someone with this term, be careful because you might get a punch in your face.

A list of 5 soft (but still bad) words.


A term used when things don’t go your way.

Piss off

Leave me alone.


Talking nonsense.

Holy Crap

You are surprised or somehing doesn’t go the way you would want it to.


When someone is telling lies.