The difference in use between Present Perfect Continuous and Present Continuous

Present Perfect Continuous vs Present Continuous
Both tenses are used when WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ACTION WHICH STARTED IN THE PAST. Present perfect continuous is used when you SAY THE DURATION OF THE ACTION (how long it has been going on).

An example of present perfect continuous and present continuous used to describe the same situation. The differences in use.

Present continuous used to describe Dick who is watching tv at the moment.
Present perfect continuous used to say that he has been doing it for an hour.

present continuous: Dick is watching TV. (We don’t say for how long)

present perfect continuous: “Dick has been watching TV for an hour“. (We say for how long-for an hour)

Other examples of Present Perfect Continuous vs Present Continuous use in a sentence

  • We are now working so don’t disturb us. / We have been working on this project for the past 3 months.
  • She is sleeping, don’t wake her up. / She has been sleeping for 12 hours, it’s time to wake her up.
  • She is telling her child a story./ She’s been telling her child stories since the baby was born.