When we use present continuous

Present Continuous
We use it when THE ACTION IS NOW, at this moment. We can also use present continuous when we are talking about something happening today, this week, this month. In this case the action is something which doesn’t usually happen and you’re only doing it today, this week or this month, thus, it’s something new, different and it will not continue for long.

An example of present continuous used for an action which IS HAPPENING NOW, AT THIS MOMENT.

Present continuous used to say that the baby is looking for a dummy at the moment.

Examples of present continuous used with expressions like “today”, “this week”, “this month”.

Present continuous used with an expression “today” to say that Dick is doing a new sport.
Present continuous used with an expression “this week” to say that Gina isn’t going out.

How we form present continuous

positive sentences: subject + verb “to be” + verb-ing + object

negative sentences: subject + verb “to be” + not + verb-ing + object

questions: verb “to be” + subject + verb-ing + object

Other examples of present continuous use in a sentence

  • I am working, don’t disturb me!
  • I’m not doing anything special.
  • She is studying so be quiet, please.