When we use present Simple

Present Simple
We use it when an ACTION REPEATS ITSELF for example every day or twice a week. It can be a habit or something you do regularly (a routine). It is also used to describe SITUATIONS THAT ARE TRUE FOR A LONG TIME and are will not change in the near future.

Examples of present simple used with routines (repeated actions).

Present simple used with frequency expressions to say that the baby pukes up once a day.

We often use present simple with words like: always, often, sometimes, never.

Present simple used with a frequency adverb “sometimes” to say that the man reads magazines.
Present simple used with frequency adverb “often” to say that the man doesn’t help his wife.

We also use present simple when something is TRUE FOR A VERY LONG TIME and it will probably not change, for example someone’s job.

Present simple used to describe the man’s job as an IT specialist.
Present simple used to say that the man likes drinking beer as something which is always true.

How we form present simple

positive sentences: subject + verb (base form) + object

negative sentences: subject + don’t/doesn’t + verb (base form) + object

questions: Do/does + subject + verb ?

Other examples of present simple use in a sentence

  • I live near here.
  • She is the one who cooks in the family.
  • I have to wake up early every morning and I hate it.

More about present simple

We use Present simple for routines. It doesn’t matter how often you do something. It has to be a repeated action and it can be done once a day or even once every 5 years. It can be a habit or something you do regularly, like for example you wake up at 7 o’clock every morning or you go to school or work every day. If you go on holiday to Greece every year you will also use present simple.

We use present simple with words and phrases that express frequency (How often?)for example: always, often, usually, sometimes, every once in a while, every so often, occasionally, rarely, hardly ever, never.
If we ask about frequency (How often?) we also use present simple. – How often do you cook in a week? – I cook twice a week/ I don’t cook.

Present simple is also used with things which are generally true are always true or are true for a very long period of time. They can be things like “The sky is blue” or “A secretary works behind a desk”. We use present simple when we talk about what someone does as a job like “He works with animals, he is a vet”