“We’re even”: idiom meaning.

We’re even
If someone does something bad or good to you and so you want to do “the same” to this person, you say you’re even. If someone does you a favour, you want to do a favour for him/her,too, as a way to say “thank you”; you want to be even with this person. The same when someone does a bad thing to you, you want this person to feel bad as well, so you do something bad to him/her too, as a form of revenge.

Other examples of “We’re even” idiom in a sentence

  • You helped me last month and I helped you this morning. Now, we’re even.
  • I hurt his feelings like he hurt mine the other day. Now, we’re even.
  • You broke my mobile phone so I scratched your car. Now, we’re even.

“We’re even”: use in context explanation

The man accidentally spills wine on his wife’s dress. She is very angry and in revenge, she gets a beer and spills it on her husband’s shirt. Now, they’re even.