“You bet”: idiom meaning.

You bet
Yes, you are absolutely right, I think the same way, I agree with you. A colloquial expression used as a response to tell someone you think the same way, you are of the same opinion as the other person.

Other examples of “you bet” idiom in a sentence

  • – Are you going to buy his new album? – You bet!
  • We’re going to win this match! – You bet!
  • Are you coming with me? –You bet!

“You bet”: use in context explanation

Coronavirus times. The happy couple have decided to spend some time together, intimately. Gina is a very prudent and careful person and she always thinks of prevention. She wants to spend some time with her husband but she wants to play it safe. The woman doesn’t want to get pregnant and have another baby now. She is just happy with one child for now. That’s why she gives her husband a condom for pregnancy prevention. Dick, on the other hand is really concerned about the present pandemic of coronavirus. He wants the best for him and his family and he knows wearing face masks is a good idea when you get close to other people. He agrees with his wife that prevention and prudence are very important using the idiom “You bet”.