“Are you kidding me?”: idiom meaning.

Are you kidding me?
A colloquial expression used as a reaction when someone says something that you think is too shocking or strange to be true, you think he must be joking because what he’s saying is so unrealistic and unbelievable.

Other examples of “are you kidding me” idiom in a sentence

  • Are you kidding me? I’ll never do that.
  • What is this ridiculous shirt? Are you kidding me?
  • You must be kidding me. I’m not going to eat it.

“Are you kidding me?”: use in context explanation

Christmas time is coming and The Cocks family are preparing for this special festivity. The husband’s decided he’s going to dress up as Santa Clause this year. He saw a Santa costume the other day in a shop window and immediately decided to buy it. So he did. When he came back home, he was very excited to show his wife the new purchase. He hung it on a clothes hanger and called his wife. Gina likes the costume a lot but she notices one detail. There’s an embarrassing hole in the trousers! She thinks he must be kidding her. She suspects her husband has bought it in a sex shop.