“At all”: idiom meaning.

At all
Used in negative sentences to say absolutely not, not even a little.

Other examples of “At all” idiom in a sentence

  • I have no money at all. (I really have no money, not a cent)
  • – Are you sad? – No, not at all. (I’m really not)
  • I don’t have any chances at all. (I absolutely have no chances)

“At all”: use in context explanation

Dick is sitting on a bench in a park, reading a newspaper, or maybe only pretending to be reading it. He is actually looking at girls who are doing zumba in the open air. The music is loud and the girls are having fun and exercising. At some point one of them notices Dick sitting and looking like he’s trying to read a newspaper. The girl asks if he wants them to move away because maybe they are disturbing him but Dick says: “Not at all!”. He absolutely doesn’t want them to move away.