“Can’t make it”: idiom meaning.

Can’t make it
I can’t/it’s impossible for me to come to a place. You can say “I can’t make it” plus the time (I can’t make it 5.00) and it means you will not be able to come at 5.00 and probably you will come later.

Other examples of “can’t make it” idiom in a sentence

  • I can’t make it tomorrow. I’m working.
  • Is your birthday party next week? I’m sorry but I can’t make it.
  • I can’t make it 11.00. Can we make it 12.00?

“Can’t make it”: use in context explanation

The woman has been invited to a party. It’s her friend’s birthday today. The party starts at 6 p.m but she is still not ready. She’s just put on a cucumber mask and can’t make it 6.00. Her friend calls her on the phone and asks where she is and if she is coming. Gina has to lie. She says she can’t make it because she is still at work which is not true but she can’t tell the truth.