“Could do with”: idiom meaning.

Could do with
“I could do with” means I would like, it would be good for me, it could help me and be useful for me. “Something could do with” means it needs it (look at the example sentences below).

Other examples of “could do with” idiom in a sentence

  • The house could do with some cleaning.
  • The soup could do with some more salt.
  • I could do with a good sleep.

“Could do with”: use in context explanation

Dick is on the beach, lying on the sunbed and relaxing. The man sees a lady who is selling corns on the cob. He doesn’t like corn but he finds the girl really pretty and he would like to have an excuse to chat her up so he pretends he wants to buy the corn. He says he could do with a corn on the cob. In reality, he has already bought some but, as I mentioned before, he doesn’t like them so he had to throw them away into the rubbish bin. He buys another one, though.