“Fair enough”: idiom meaning.

Fair enough
If you say “fair enough” you are saying that it’s OK, it’s reasonable, or that you accept someone’s decision or suggestion.

Other examples of “fair enough” idiom in a sentence

  • If you don’t want to do it, fair enough, but don’t ask me again.
  • – You always do it but I think I should do it this time. – OK, fair enough.
  • – I’m going to tell the police about it. – Fair enough.

“Fair enough”: use in context explanation

Gina is tired of having to be the one who always washes the dishes. The woman would like her husband to do it for her, at least this one time. She tries to think of something that can convince him to do it so she comes up with a great idea. She gets a very nice night dress and she says that she’ll wear it if Dick washes the dishes. He agrees by saying: “Fair enough”.