“Goodness me!”: idiom meaning.

Goodness me!
An expression used when something shocks you and you can’t believe it. If you see something shocking and surprising that you didn’t expect to see you may use this expression.

Other examples of “Goodness me!” idiom in a sentence

  • Goodness me! You look just like your father!
  • Goodness me! What is he doing?
  • Goodness me! Is it really Tom?

“Goodness me!”: use in context explanation

Coronavirus times. Everyone wears masks to protect themselves and other people from getting the virus. There are places, though, like a park for example, where you can take your mask off as long as you keep the right distance from others. Dick is walking in the park and sees a beautiful young woman, wearing a mask. He looks at her as he always likes to look at beautiful women. Suddenly, the woman takes off her mask and Dick is shocked, he thinks: “Goodness me! This lady has moustache!”. He doesn’t like her anymore. He turns around and walks off as quick as he can.