“How’s it going (progress)?”: idiom meaning.

How’s it going?
A question asked to check about the progress of an action, if the progress is good or bad and/or how much time it will take to finish.

Other examples of “How’s it going (progress)?” idiom in a sentence

  • How’s it going with your new boyfriend?
  • How’s it going with your project?
  • How’s it going? Have you finished?

“How’s it going (progress)?”: use in context explanation

Gina has decided to try nude art painting. She’s always thought she has a talent for painting but she rarely has time to do it. She’s decided to engage her husband and has chosen him and a plant as the subjects for her painting. Dick likes the idea of being a model because he likes to show off his body, he thinks he is very good-looking. After about an hour of posing for the painting, Dick starts to feel tired and asks Gina how’s it going. Gina has almost finished but… she’s only painted the plant and Dick’s hand. Dick is not going to be happy when he sees it.