“Push my boundaries”: idiom meaning.

Push my boundaries
Do more that you would normally do. Do things that may seem extreme just to prove yourself you can do them and you have no limits. Some people like to push their boundaries and it represents a kind of a challenge with themselves and their abilities.

Other examples of “push my boundaries” idiom in a sentence

  • I have no limits and I like pushing the boundaries.
  • He wanted me to push my boundaries but I said no.
  • These products push the boundaries of technology.

“Push my boundaries”: use in context explanation

The wife sees her man standing on a high pole, barely keeping balance and taking a selfie with his mobile phone. She thinks he is ridiculous and she is worried he’s going to fall off and hurt himself badly. She tells him he doesn’t think of what he’s doing and that it’s dangerous. He doesn’t seem to care about her words and keeps taking photos of himself smiling. He explains that this is his way of pushing his own boundaries; experiencing new situations and exciting feelings and that he likes the fact that it’s dangerous but he’s going to be fine and it’s just the way he’s having fun.