“What’s your point?”: idiom meaning.

What’s your point?
Why are you saying it? What do you want me to understand by saying that? What conclusions do you want me to make after you said that? What are you trying to say? What should I think when you say that?

Other examples of “what’s your point?” idiom in a sentence

  • What’s your point? Do you want me to feel sorry for what I did?
  • You’re telling me all these things, what’s your point?
  • Yes, I know the company has a lot of problems, but what’s your point? Are you saying I should look for another job?

“What’s your point?”: use in context explanation

The husband comes back home a little late. It’s actually 1 a.m and the wife was already sleeping. She woke up when she heard him coming. He and his friend are laughing and having a good time. Teh woman is very angry. She says her husband can’t come home so late and this is the last time she’s going to tolerate it. But he doesn’t understand what her point is. She always says it’s important to have friends, so she shouldn’t be angry. Does she want him to feel embarrassed in front of his friend?