“Too bad”: idiom meaning.

Too bad
Used to say you are sorry that something is not different and cthings can’t go differently or you are sorry something you would like, is not possible.

Other examples of “Too bad” idiom in a sentence

  • Too bad she didn’t accept my proposal. I really liked her.
  • You’re not coming? Too bad…
  • Too bad we didn’t win.

“Too bad”: use in context explanation

Dick and Gina are on the beach, relaxing. Dick is looking at people having fun on a banana boat. He thinks a banana boat is great fun and he would like to take a ride. He asks Gina if she wants to go but she says no. She thinks Dick wants to go on the banana boat not only because he likes this kind of sport. Gina actually thinks he wants to go because there are some pretty girls and he wants to join them. Dick thinks it’s too bad they’re not going.