“Watch your mouth”: idiom meaning.

Watch your mouth
Stop saying rude things to me. Be careful what you are saying to me because you are offending me or saying bad words.

Other examples of “Watch your mouth” idiom in a sentence

  • Watch your mouth! We don’t say bad words in this house.
  • Watch your mouth when you speak to your mother, young lady!
  • You’d better watch your mouth when you’re speaking to me!

“Watch your mouth”: use in context explanation

Dick and his son, Dummy have been to the supermarket and they’ve just come back home. Little Dummy calls his mum and wants to tell her something important, He says that dad was looking at young girls at the supermarket. The baby boy thinks it’s an inappropriate behaviour and mum needs to know. Gina is angry at her husband and Dick tells his son to watch his mouth and not speak badly about his dad.