“Are you nuts?”: idiom meaning.

Are you nuts?
Are you crazy? Expression used when you think someone is saying/doing/proposing you something strange, unusual thinks and you think he or she is out of his/her mind

Other examples of “are you nuts?” idiom in a sentence

  • You must be nuts to think I’m going to like it.
  • Are you nuts? He would never do such a thing!
  • She’s nuts. She is walking in her garden naked.

“Are you nuts?”: use in context explanation

Gina has decided to prepare dinner for her husband. She wanted to make something unusual, something they have never tried before. Gina knows pizza with ananas is quite a controversial dish but she likes to be original and think out of the box. She thinks her husband will appreciate it. Dick comes to the kitchen and is very hungry. He sees his wife holding a pizza with a huge ananas on it. He is shocked and thinks she is totally crazy to have had this idea. He’s not going to eat it.