“Doesn’t add up”: idiom meaning.

Doesn’t add up
There is something not logical in a situation. There is something strange and you can’t understand it because you get different kinds of information which are opposed to each other/not logical/not correct.

Other examples of “Doesn’t add up” idiom in a sentence

  • He said he was on holiday but I saw him here today. It doesn’t add up.
  • I’m sorry but your explanation just doesn’t add up.
  • Why would she leave him if he is such a great husband? Something doesn’t add up.

“Doesn’t add up”: use in context explanation

It’s evening. The woman is lying on her bed and eating her favourite ice cream. Her husband comes and he is surprised. His wife told him she was on a diet and now she is eating ice cream. He asks her if she is still on a diet and she answers yes. The man thinks something definitely doesn’t add up.