“Then it hit me”: idiom meaning.

Then it hit me
Used to say when you suddenly realise something. You understand something you didn’t understand before. Just a minute before you didn’t realise something you realise now.

Other examples of “Then it hit me” idiom in a sentence

  • And then it hit me. I could make a business of it!
  • And then it hit me. He was lying to me.
  • I was walking down that street and then it hit me, it was the same street I’d seen in my dream.

“Then it hit me”: use in context explanation

Tara is not lucky with men. Another one has just dumped her. He ‘s left her for another girl. Tara is very sad Gina is trying to console her. Gina knows what’s the best consolation for a woman and that’s shopping. She takes her best friend to a shoe shop and they end up buying many pairs of new shoes. Gina is sure it will make her friend happy again and it will make her forget about her ex