“Fall out”: phrasal verb meaning.

Fall out
Argue. When two people have different opinions and one thinks he’s right (he’s saying or doing the correct thing) and also the other one thinks he is right and they don’t want to agree with each other, they fall out. When they fall out, they stop speaking to each other, they feel offended and don’t want to see each other.

Other examples of “fall out” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • The little bird has fallen out of the nest.
  • I always fall out with my sister.
  • We often fall out over who is going to use the bathroom first.

“Fall out”: use in context explanation

Dick and Gina are talking. Gina thinks she is right and her husband should listen to her and follow her advice. Dick is of a different opinion. He thinks Gina is wrong and they shouldn’t do what she wants. They both want to win in the conversation and none of them wants to give in. Gina knows that if they continue this discussion they will just fall out and stop speaking to each other and she doesn’t want it to happen. She has a solution. Dick has to say she is right and everything will be ok again.