“Put up with”: phrasal verb meaning.

Put up with
Tolerate an unpleasant situation. You use it when you are angry about what is happening around you and you want to say that your patience has come to an end so things must be changed. For example if a man keeps leaving his socks on the floor without picking them up, his woman may not want to put up with it.

Other examples of “put up with” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • How can you put up with all this?
  • I’ve put up with this long enough.
  • Are you going to put up with his behaviour?

“Put up with”: use in context explanation

The woman accidentally bumps into magazines she doesn’t like and she knows they belong to her husband. She finds them under the bed cover. She is furious and refuses to put up with this situation. She tells her husband clearly that she will not turn a blind eye to it and she expects him to throw the magazines away as soon as possible. The husband doesn’t look like he’s taking the wife’s threats seriously and he prefers to marvel at her beauty.