“Rip off”: phrasal verb meaning.

Rip off
To ask too much money because you want to cheat the other person and get his/her money. If someone sells something which is not worth the money he/she is asking for it, it is a “rip-off”.

Other examples of “rip off” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Has anyone ever ripped you off?
  • That painting is a rip-off. It has no value and it’s ugly.
  • You’re trying to rip me off offering this deal.

“Rip off”: use in context explanation

Gina and Dick have decided to take a walk in the centre of the city where they live. While walking, they suddenly see a shop selling bags. Gina wants to come in and have a look. Dick is looking at the bags and he can’t believe they cost so much. He thinks with these prices, they want to rip off people. They are definitely too high and the bags are not worth it. He doesn’t realise, though, that his wife is actually buying one of them. He won’t be happy!