“Settle down (become calmer)”: phrasal verb meaning.

Settle down
Stop playing, stop joking, stop screaming. If a teacher at school tells children to “settle down” she wants them to calm down, sit at their desks and be quiet.

Other examples of “settle down (become calmer)” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Now everybody settle down! The lesson has started!
  • Please, would you settle down? I would like to say something.
  • Stop messing around and settle down!

“Settle down (become calmer)”: use in context explanation

Dummy is at school. The lesson has started but the kids don’t want to study. They want to play and mess around. They’ve discovered a new game which is throwing the masks at each other and at their teacher. They are having fun. The teacher is really angry, she asks them to settle down because she wants to start the lesson. It’s not easy to be a teacher!