“Bump into”: phrasal verb meaning.

Bump into
Meet someone by accident, without an appointment, unexpectedly, like when you are walking down the street and suddenly, you see an old friend and you say something like:” Wow, hey, what are you doing here?”

Other examples of “bump into” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • I bumped into a famous person yesterday!
  • I bumped into my old school teacher.
  • I came near your house hoping I could bump into you.

“Bump into”: use in context explanation

Dick is walking down the street when he suddenly bumps into a friend of his. They decide to have a beer together. The friend invites Dick to his favourite bar where they can look at some women dancing while having the beer. Dick agrees but he knows his wife wouldn’t be happy if she knew. They are in the bar, enjoying the evening when Gina calls Dick on the phone. She asks him where he is. Dick says he bumped into an old friend and they are just having coffee in a cafĂ©. He doesn’t tell the whole truth because he doesn’t want to make his wife angry. After all, he’s not doing anything bad.