“Come across as”: phrasal verb meaning.

Come across as
If someone “comes across as” a nice person he/she gives an impression of being a nice person; appears to people as a nice person. It doesn’t mean he/she necessarily is a nice person but this is the impression he/she gives. Sometimes it may be a wrong impression. Someone may “come across as” a rude person but may actually be very generous when you know him better.

Other examples of “Come across as” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • I don’t know him well, but he comes across as a nice person.
  • I know sometimes I come across as arrogant but I only say what I think.
  • She may come across as generous but believe me, she’s not.

“Come across as”: use in context explanation

The husband and his friend come home late and the wife is angry. The friend tries to help the man and says he knows they may come across as bad boys who do bad things but it’s only the appearance and they are really good guys. At the same time they are hiding beers from the wife because they want to come across as good guys who don’t drink.