“Come across”: phrasal verb meaning.

Come across
When you “come across” something you find by chance. You’re not searching for it, but you find it. For example you read a magazine and you come across a receipe for pasta. You like this receipe and you’re happy you found it but you didn’t know you would find it because you weren’t searching for a receipe and you didn’t know it was in that magazine.

Other examples of “Come across” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • I came across Brad Pitt yesterday! Can you believe it? (I saw him on the street)
  • I was reading a newspaper and I came across a very offensive article.
  • I have come across many strange people in my life.

“Come across”: use in context explanation

The woman is browsing the internet when suddenly she comes across a very interesting article. The article is dedicated to men and teaches them how to make their wives very happy. The woman thinks her husband will be very interested to read it but unfortunately, he doesn’t show much interest.