“Doze off”: phrasal verb meaning.

Doze off
Start sleeping suddenly, often during the day because you are so tired that you fall asleep but without doing it intentionally. It’s often for a short time and may even be in a sitting position.

Other examples of “Doze off” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • He dozed off in the middle of the lesson.
  • I must have dozed off. What time is it?
  • I think he’s going to lie down and doze off.

“Doze off”: use in context explanation

Gina has a back pain and she needs a massage. Dick offers to do give his wife a good massage to make her feel better. She is really happy and excited as he never does it. She lies on a bed and Dick sits on a chair and starts his massage. Unfortunately, he is very tired and after a few minutes he just dozes off. Gina doesn’t feel anything so she realises Dick has fallen asleep. She gets angry.