“Get on with”: phrasal verb meaning.

Get on with
If you “get on (well) with another person it means you both like each other, you have the same interests and you see the world in a similar way.

Other examples of “get on with” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • I don’t get on with my father recently. We argue a lot.
  • Do you get on with your boyfriend’s sister?
  • My friend and I get on really well.

“Get on with”: use in context explanation

Gina’s mother has come to their house for a visit. She’s offered to cock and she seems to be really nice. She’s prepared roast chicken and is serving it to the married couple. Dick is very hungry and can’t wait to eat something good. While Gina’s mother is serving the food, Dick and Gina are talking about how nice the lady is and how Dick is happy to get on well with her and not argue like some of his friends argue with their mothers in-law. Gina’s mother might be of a different opinion, though. She serves Dick a burnt piece of chicken and smiles.