“Blow up (inflate)”: phrasal verb meaning.

Blow up (inflate)
Fill something like a inflatable sun bed with air. You can do it by blowing the air directly from your mouth into the sun bed through a special hole in the bed.

Other examples of “blow up (inflate)” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Can you blow up this pillow for me please?
  • I have to blow up the airbed for the guests.
  • She is blowing up the balloons for the party.

“Blow up (inflate)”: use in context explanation

Dick and his family are on holiday and have just got a new inflatable lounger (sun bed). Dick has offered himself to blow it up. He is trying and trying to fill the bed with air but it’s still not inflated. Gina is angry because she wants to lie on the bed and says Dick has been blowing it up for an hour and still hasn’t finished. In fact, the reason why he hasn’t finished yet is because their son, Dummy is secretly letting the air out of the bed. He thinks it’s a funny joke and laughs.