“Back out”: phrasal verb meaning.

Back out
Decide you’re not doing something which you wanted to do or have agreed to do earlier; withdraw.

Other examples of “back out” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • You’re not going to back out at the last moment!
  • You can’t back out once you’ve started!
  • He eventually backed out on that offer.

“Back out”: use in context explanation

Gina and Dick have decided to try parachuting. They’ve done a couple of lessons with the instructor and they are ready for the jump. Well…Gina is ready, Dick wants to back out. He suddenly got very scared and he doesn’t want to jump anymore. He is terrified. Gina doesn’t approve of this reaction and wants Dick to jump anyway. She knows that’s what he really wants and they’ve decided to do it together. He just can’t back out now! She decides to help him jump pushing him out with a gentle kick.