“Plug in”: phrasal verb meaning.

Plug in
To put the far end of a cable (which is called a plug) into the electricity supply in the wall (a socket) to give power to a machine and make it start working.

Other examples of “plug in” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • Plug the mouse in at the back of the computer.
  • I have plugged it in but it still doesn’t work.
  • Remember to check if the CD player is plugged in.

“Plug in”: use in context explanation

The Cocks family have been really busy recently. They haven’t had time to clean or tidy the house. Since today is Saturday and Gina finally has some free time, she’s decided to clean the house. She starts with hoovering, she gets the hoover and turns it on, but it doesn’t work. She gets upset and calls her husband for help. Gina explains that the hoover has broken down and wants him to repair it. The husband looks at her and looks at the hoover and starts laughing. Everything is ok with the machine but his wife has forgotten to put the plug in the socket and that’s why it doesn’t work. He jokes that he will have to call a repair serviceman to come over and fix it by plugging it in.