“Wear off”: phrasal verb meaning.

Wear off
Lose its effect gradually, disappear, stop. For example medicine, drugs, superpowers, lipstick (lose colour).

Other examples of “wear off” phrasal verb in a sentence

  • The medicine wore off after 6 hours.
  • The shining colour of this sofa will soon wear off.
  • The effects of the beer will wear off after a few hours.

“Wear off”: use in context explanation

Dick is in a hospital. He’s had an accident. Fortunately, nothing serious has happened to him but he has a few broken bones and needed anaesthesia which has had a very strange effect on him. He starts talking in a strange way to the nurse. He says he loves her and he seems to have lost his mind. Gina is a bit angry but she knows it’s a normal effect after anaesthesia and it will wear off soon.