“Biased”: vocabulary meaning.

Not objective. Someone who is “biased” likes (or doesn’t like) a particular person more than others because of personal reasons. This person is then not objective when judging the favourite one because he or she will always like and prefer the favourite one more than the others. The reason might be for example that this person is more beautiful than the others.

Other examples of “biased” vocabulary in a sentence

  • I think my son is the best but I’m biased because I’m his father.
  • The article in the newspaper was biased and not fair.
  • You are biased. You don’t like him just because he goes out with your ex girlfriend.

“Biased”: use in context explanation

Gina and Dick want to hire a new babysitter for their son, Dummy. They have invited three candidates and want to choose one of them. Dick has decided immediately, after asking them just one question. He likes the lady in pink. He thinks she likes children and looks very reliable to him. Gina is of a different opinion. She thinks Dick is biased and wants to choose the girl in pink just because she is beautiful. Gina thinks they should ask the candidates more questions and choose by their qualifications not by their looks.