“Dog mess”: vocabulary meaning.

Dog mess
Dog’s poop. A person should always clean their dog’s mess from the street because this is a sign of good manners. In the example above the woman, who’s got a dog herself is even more sensitive to the errors other dog owners make. She would never leave her dog’s mess on the street.

Other examples of “dog mess” vocabulary in a sentence

  • We want our pavements clear of dog mess.
  • I stepped in dog mess
  • Some people unforunately leave their dogs’ mess on the streets.

“Dog mess”: use in context explanation

The woman is taking her beloved dog out. She is a very thoughtful and well-mannered person. She always takes with her a plastic bag to collect her dog’s poop because she takes care of the environment and respects other people. While walking, she bumps into a man who is also walking his dog. The dog is doing “his business” in the middle of the street and the guy doesn’t seem to bother picking it his dog’s mess. Gina can’t hold it in and tells him what she thinks of him. She uses many negative adjectives to describe his bad manners. She also asks him to keep his dog on a lead, so it doesn’t get into fights with other dogs.