“Eavesdropping”: vocabulary meaning.

Listening to someone’s conversation when the other person doesn’t know you are listening. You eavesdrop when you intenrionally listen to someone else’s conversation and you don’t want anybody to know that you are listening.

Other examples of “Eavesdropping” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Stop it! That’s eavesdropping!
  • Eavesdropping is rude.
  • He was eavesdropping on my conversation!

“Eavesdropping”: use in context explanation

The woman is talking on the phone with her friend. She is telling her friend that she is going shopping tomorrow, but she doesn’t want her husband to know because he doesn’t like when she spends money so she’s going to tell him a lie. She’ll tell him she has to stay at work until late. The husband is eavesdropping on his wife’s conversation and can’t believe what he’s heard.