“Gullible”: vocabulary meaning.

Naive, someone who easily believes lies, can be fooled easily, doesn’t question what someone else is saying believing in his good faith. In the example the wife is gullible because she should turn around and check if what her husband is saying is true, instead, she takes his words as truth.

Other examples of “gullible” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Oh don’t be so gullible. It’s obvious he’s lying.
  • How could I be so gullible!Oh don’t be so gullible. It’s obvious he’s lying.
  • I’m not that gullible to believe you!

“Gullible”: use in context explanation

The wife is hanging clothes to dry. She can hear her husband is turning over pages of a newspaper/magazine. She asks him what he is reading because she hates it when he looks at certain magazines for adults. The husband denies reading them and claims it’s an article about economy, which is obviously not true, but his wife believes his words. He is happy he got away with something bad, he is giggling and thinking his wife is gullible because she believes his lies so easily.