“Stroke (a dog)”: vocabulary meaning.

To move your hand gently on something soft like dog’s fur.

Other examples of “stroke (a dog)” vocabulary in a sentence

  • I gave my baby’s hair a stroke.
  • She gave the dog a stroke.
  • The baby asked if it can stroke the cat.

“Stroke (a dog)”: use in context explanation

Little Dummy is walking in the park with his dog, Willy. Willy is a typical dog, who likes to get dirty. It sees a muddy puddle, jumps right into it and starts rolling around in the mud. Dummy likes to get dirty too. He’s been playing with mud too and his hands are all dirty. He spots a man wearing white trousers walking with a beautiful dog. He wants to give the dog a stroke and politely asks the man if he can do it. But the man doesn’t want his clean dog to get dirty and he doesn’t know what to answer. He doesn’t want to sound rude.