“Tight”: vocabulary meaning.

Talking about clothes, they are small and attached close to your body. If the clothes are too tight, it might hurt you and it may be really uncomfortable. One example is “tight jeans”, jeans which fit perfectly and show the shape of your legs.

Other examples of “tight” vocabulary in a sentence

  • I like girls in tight jeans.
  • The shoes are too tight.
  • It’s difficult to open a tight jar.

“Tight”: use in context explanation

Gina needed to go shopping to boost her mood. She wants to buy a new, pink dress. She chooses a beautiful dress and goes to the changing room to try it on. A shop assistant is helping her put it on. She stands behind Gina, grabs the black laces, which are part of the dress and she pulls them very tight. They both realise that the dress is too small for Gina and she can’t breathe. because it’s so tight around her waist. However, the shop assistant wants to sell it so she tells her customer that the dress looks great, perfect on her. Gina is not stupid, though. She’s not going to buy the dress.