“Picky”: vocabulary meaning.

A person who is picky is difficult to satisfy. He can’t decide what he wants and always wants more. This person is not happy with what he gets and wants to change it and to have something different which is in his opinion better.

Other examples of “picky” vocabulary in a sentence

  • You are such a picky eater. Just eat what they serve and don’t complain.
  • I’m too picky with guys, that’s why I’m single.
  • If you’re too picky they might not like you.

“Picky”: use in context explanation

Gina and her husband have decided to go to a restaurant and have a romantic dinner just the two of them. Gina likes eating healthy, she watches her figure and desn’t like eating junk food. They are choosing a dish from the menu but Gina can’t find anything she likes. She is looking for some low-calorie food which will not make her gain weight but on the other hand she would like something nutritious containing all the nutrients her body needs to be healthy and in good shape. She’s decided to modify the dishes proposed in the menu but het choices seem strange to Dick. He thinks she is picky and she should just eat what the restaurant serves without inventing her own combinations of food.