“Starving”: vocabulary meaning.

A common expression to say when you are very, very hungry and you can’t wait to eat something.

Other examples of “starving” vocabulary in a sentence

  • I’m starving, get me something to eat!
  • Thanks for the dinner, I was starving.
  • I’m usually starving when I come back from work.

“Starving”: use in context explanation

The husband has just come back from a hard day at work. He is really tired and starving because he hasn’t had time to eat all day. He gets home and he hopes to find a tasty dinner prepared by his loving wife. Gina knows her husband works a lot and she cares for him so she decided to prepare something special. She found a new receipe for a roast turkey on the internet and followed the instructions. Only that she forgot to set the timer and it has all completely burnt. She is very sorry and will have to come up with a quick dish to make for her starving husband.