“Anytime”: vocabulary meaning.

If you answer “anytime” it means you are ready to repeat the experience. The other person can decide when and you will be ok with it because you like it and really want to do it again.

Other examples of “anytime” vocabulary in a sentence

  • -We must do it again! –Anytime!
  • -Thank you for helping me! –Anytime!

“Anytime”: use in context explanation

Dick has decided to take a ride on a banana boat, especially because there are some very nice girls on it. He decides to join them. Unfortunately the banana starts going too fast and Dick falls off into the water. He isn’t sad, though. He is still having fun. The girls say that it has been a fun experience and they would like to repeat it. Dick agrees saying “anytime!”. He is ready to try again as long as he wants to join the girls again.