“Boot”: vocabulary meaning.

A place in the back of a car that you can open and close and where you can put bags, suitcases and other things. (“Trunk” in American English)

Other examples of “Boot” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Put the suitcase in the boot.
  • It’s a small car but it has a big boot.
  • We need a roomy boot in our car.

“Boot”: use in context explanation

Gina and Dick are going on a short holiday. It will only be 4 days but the car boot is already full of bags. Gina comes with another suitcase and asks Dick if he can put it in the boot because it’s really important for her to take it. Dick is angry because the boot is already full and Gina is taking too much stuff for such a shoty trip, but his wife thinks it’s all indispensable.