“Drown”: vocabulary meaning.

Go under water and die because you cant’t get out and you can’t breathe.

Other examples of “drown” vocabulary in a sentence

  • She drowned in a lake last year.
  • She was killed, somebody drowned her.
  • He was drowning but fortunately someone helped him and saved him from dying.

“Drown”: use in context explanation

Gina has decided to go the swimming pool. She has been very stressed recently and her husband has been getting on her nerves so she really needs to relax. She’s decided to go just by herself. She sits in a shallow swimming pool (the one designated for kids) and tries to catch some sun. Suddenly she spots a really handsome lifeguard. She wants to chat him up so she jokingly starts shouting that she needs help because she’s drowning. The lifeguard reacts immediately and runs to save Gina.