“Pretend”: vocabulary meaning.

Show people you’re doing something which is not really true because you want the people to believe it. Show people that you are someone you’re not or have something you don’t really have.

Other examples of “pretend” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Stop pretending you’re sad. I know you’re not.
  • Pretend you’re my boyfriend so we can make Peter jealous.
  • He just pretends he understands it but he doesn’t.

“Pretend”: use in context explanation

Gina and Dick are walking in the city centre and they see a big billboard advertising a travel agency. Gina has a great idea. She takes a picture of her and her husband with the billboard in the background so the picture looks like they actually were on holiday. Se tells Dick to pretend he really is on holiday and smile. She is going to then post the picture on the social network. Dick is not really happy about having to pretend he’s on holiday when he really isn’t but he does it for his wife.