“Fire”: vocabulary meaning.

Inform someone that he will not work for you anymore, stop giving him the job. The reason may be because someone is not able to do the job or does it in a bad way.

Other examples of “fire” vocabulary in a sentence

  • You’ve stolen the money from the company! You’re fired!
  • If this happens again, I will have to fire you.
  • Please don’t fire me!

“Fire”: use in context explanation

Gina and Dick have recently taken on a new babysitter. They hoped she will be able to handle their son who is very lively, energetic and sometimes naughty. It’s not an easy thing to babysit little Dummy. The new babysitter is looking after the boy. Gina walks into the room and she sees a scene which is totally out of control. The babisitter with a bucket on her head is running after the kid while he is shooting at her with his water gun. Gina calls her husband and explains why she thinks they will have to fire the woman.