“Overreact”: vocabulary meaning.

React in an excessive way, be angry of scared when you don’t really need to, because you think the situation is more serious than it really is.

Other examples of “overreact” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Why do you always have to overreact when we speak about your ex husband?
  • You’re overreacting. It’s just a bruise.
  • Stop overreacting to everything!

“Overreact”: use in context explanation

Gina is looking after her son Dummy. She comes back from the kitchen to check what the baby is doing and she is furious with what she sees! Dummy has taken her makeup case, pulled out all her makeup and is now playing with her favourite lipstick which has cost her a lot of money. She is so angry she starts shouting at little Dummy. But her little son thinks he hasn’t done anything wrong and his mum is overreacting as usual.