“Crawl”: vocabulary meaning.

“Walk” on your hands and knees like a little baby or a soldier. When people crawl they move slowly and they’re often scared or hurt, or don’t want anyone to see them.

Other examples of “crawl” vocabulary in a sentence

  • The baby is crawling across on the floor.
  • The soldiers are crawling through the mud.
  • Why are you crawling? Stand up!

“Crawl”: use in context explanation

The couple are visiting new cities and towns. They go up a big building to see the beautiful view of the city skyline. The man says he is not scared of heights but when they get to the top, he starts shaking and crawling. His wife looks at him and asks why he is crawling and if he is scared. But he says he is absolutely not scared. He is a real man and real men are not scared of anything! This is obviously not true 😉