“Hopeless”: vocabulary meaning.

Very bad at something, leaving no hope for improving. “Hopeless driver” means a terrible driver who will never learn how to drive properly.

Other examples of “hopeless” vocabulary in a sentence

  • This is a hopeless situation. I can’t see how we can resolve the problems.
  • Wow, candles and rose petals all over. You’re a hopeless romantic.
  • I’m hopeless at dancing.

“Hopeless”: use in context explanation

Gina and Dick are in Gina’s car, coming home from a friend’s house. She is driving because Dick’s had a couple of beers before and he doesn’t want to have his driver’s licence taken away by the police for drunk-driving. Gina suddenly sees a sales advertisement. She gets so distracted by the advertisement that she drives into it. The front of the car doesn’t look good but they’re both ok, fortunately. Dick is very angry and says Gina is a hopeless driver and will never change.