“Litter”: vocabulary meaning.

Rubbish, dirty paper, cans, pachets which people throw on the street and not to the rubbish bins.

Other examples of “litter” vocabulary in a sentence

  • Don’t litter please.
  • If you see litter on the street, pick it up please.
  • The beach is full of litter.

“Litter”: use in context explanation

Dick has decided to take part in a clean-up campaign. He cares about the environment and he likes to help. Moreover, he knows that mainly women will participate in this campaign and that is one more motivation for him to join. On the day of the campaign all the participants are cleaning up the streets, picking up litter and throwing it away to the rubbish bins. The girl who has organised the event wants to thank everyone for their participation. Dick is happy to help and is enjoying it.